Black Friday Workouts

Black Friday Workouts Black Friday is a day I look forward to all year. Why? I am addicted to the 24 hours of shopping, the savings and the fun that my best friend and I have year after year of our tradition. Over the years, Black Friday has evolved and the madness of fighting through […]

Get Your Best Bikini Body With This Glute Workout

Get shapely, toned buns with this seriously glute-focused workout. Beach weather is year-round in Southwest Florida, which means it’s time to dust off that bikini and shape up your booty with this butt workout for the best bikini body. To make your backside the best it can be, you need to give it some extra love […]

How to Get Those Arms: Top Fitness Secrets from Madonna’s Trainer

When last month I decided to join FitReserve, a multi-studio fitness membership that had me jumping on trampolines and swinging on monkey bars,  I had one goal, and one goal alone. No, not getting rock hard abs. And nope, not even making it through an hour long HIIT class without collapsing. (Though both of those […]

This Outdoor Summer Workout Routine Will Help You Stay Fit in the Heat

As much as we love the summer, working out when it’s sticky and humid often isn’t that inviting. The gym, however, can get impossibly dull. So to spare you the endless monotony of the treadmill, we reached out to Dallas-based celeb trainer Kim Truman for a fat blasting outdoor summer workout routine. She recommends doing this routine […]

Coffee Break Stretches That Work Your Abs, Glutes, and Quads

2 New Ways to Get Your Ass in Gear While You Wait for Your Latte to Cool Many of us can’t make it to the gym every day of our lives. But we can usually make time for a coffee break. Put yours to good use with these strengthening coffee break stretches. We checked in with New […]

Beach Bodies Are Built Year-Round: 5 Winter Workout Tips

Even the most dedicated athletes can get the winter workout blues in the colder months. You’re tempted by rich, heavy wintertime foods (hello, mac and cheese season); the gym is packed with New Year’s resolution-ers (who are well-intentioned, but can seriously lack gym etiquette, leading some regulars to avoid the place entirely for January and February); […]

Experts Rethink Science Behind Getting Six Pack Abs

This refined core workout will not only help you get great six pack abs, but it may make you a better athlete, too. Can building a strong core provide any benefits beyond six pack abs? Experts say yes— if you follow the right routine. In fact, the right workout can make athletes stronger and faster, while […]

The Hardest Free Workout You’ll Ever Do

If The Gordon Pass Challenge Doesn’t Get You Ripped, Nothing Will. If you’ve ever been out on Naples Beach and seen a herd of super-fit humans hurdling by, you’ve probably just witnessed the Gordon Pass Challenge (GPC). Created by friends Simon Tracy and Paul Neils, this free-for-all workout challenges participants to use the beach as […]