Get shapely, toned buns with this seriously glute-focused workout.

Beach weather is year-round in Southwest Florida, which means it’s time to dust off that bikini and shape up your booty with this butt workout for the best bikini body. To make your backside the best it can be, you need to give it some extra love and focus, and my “Booty to the Max” workout will get you back in bikini-ready form in no time. Work this tush-toning routine into your current training schedule twice a week, spacing out each routine by two to three days.

If you are a more advanced lifter and already have glute-specific training worked into your current regime, you can increase the glute focus up to three to four days per week, with one day of rest between each workout.

Concentrate on each movement and really feel the squeeze during each and every rep. Once you have that focus and the form is correct, continue to try to increase your weights as you progress. All exercises only require one piece of equipment, available at most gyms: the Smith Machine Squat Rack.

Day 1

Basic Squat—Feet Shoulder-Width Apart (4 Sets of 6–10 reps)
Pause for a 3-count hold at the bottom

Super Set With Kneeling Hip Thrust
(3 Sets of 10–15 reps)

Reverse Lunge With Knee Raise
(3 Sets of 8–12 reps per side)

Super Set With Shoulders Elevated Hip Thrust
(4 Sets of 5–12 reps)

Go as heavy as you can each time (keep pushing for more weight) so long as you can still perform the full extension.

fatima workout3Day 2

Front Squat
(4 sets 8–10 reps)
Pause for a 3-count hold at the bottom

1-Leg Pistol Squat
(3 Sets of 8–12 reps per side)

Quadrupled Heel Press
(3 Sets of 10–15 reps per side)

Rest for 60 seconds between all super sets. Always aim to achieve the lowest reps listed, but push for the max reps with good form. Once you reach the max reps with good form, increase weight.

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