Get your ohm on and break a sweat with this quick yoga workout

Fiction: After a long commute home from work, you will get in the door, grab your mat, and head to the yoga studio for that amazing Bikram class.

Fact: You will get in the door, grab the remote control, and binge watch House of Cards in your yoga pants until you pass out.

Let’s face reality. No one always has the energy to do a full workout every day after work. Instead of feeling guilty, sneak in a few minutes for poses during your day and feel no guilt later. You only need a small window of time—five minutes—to run through the yoga postures below. And that small practice still can have the effect of clearing your head and renewing your energy and focus.

Extra bonus: Even five minutes of these tiny yoga installments begin to tone your muscles.

Click through the gallery to get started with FN’s quick yoga workout!