This refined core workout will not only help you get great six pack abs, but it may make you a better athlete, too.

Can building a strong core provide any benefits beyond six pack abs? Experts say yes— if you follow the right routine. In fact, the right workout can make athletes stronger and faster, while also improving posture and stability. A strong core may also make performing everyday activities easier.

While it’s a common misconception, the core isn’t just made up of the abdominal muscles. “The core is everything except for arms, legs and head,” Daniel Taylor, the head strength and conditioning coach at Siena College and co-author of the new book “Conditioning the Core” explained to

The Workout
Taylor’s advice for getting the most from a core workout?  Swap “ab days” for a 20-minute, full-body core workouts comprised of agility drills and dynamic movements like squat jumps, alternating lunges with jumps and power skips. Explosive movements like these build core strength and also blast way more calories than a crunch, so they are more apt to get you that lean look you crave while also improving overall strength.

Timing of core workouts is also important. Instead of throwing in core exercises at the end of your workout, like you may currently be doing, use your six pack abs routine as a warm up before lifting, running or playing your favorite sport. Taylor’s recommended exercises are both explosive and dynamic, which makes them effective exercises to warm up muscles.