Black Friday Workouts

Black Friday is a day I look forward to all year. Why? I am addicted to the 24 hours of shopping, the savings and the fun that my best friend and I have year after year of our tradition. Over the years, Black Friday has evolved and the madness of fighting through crowds is not as attractive. Cyber deals are all the rage the week before and some even start as early as November 1st! Stores are now opening earlier than midnight on Thanksgiving Day. So what is the big deal about leaving the comfort of your home and braving the crowds? It’s the endorphins!

Turn this shopping excursion into a positive experience and even a fun fitness-filled game and burn off all those calories from the overstuffing of Thanksgiving Day. According to, the average Thanksgiving Day meal is equivalent to approximately 1330 calories. This does not take all of those evil sugars and not-so-heart-healthy fats into account. Also – this is for single servings. As healthy as I am, this is one time of the year I totally allow myself to indulge.

Here are some fun fitness activities to keep your mind occupied while burning off potatoes and gravy and pie – OH MY!

  • For every ten minutes we wait in line – do 10 squats
  • For every dollar you save – do a pushup
  • While your BFF is trying on that most fabulous outfit –do a wall squat against the fitting room door.
  • For every dollar you spend on electronics – do 5 jumping jacks
  • Whenever you return to the car to drop off those packages… run! Make it a race with your bestie.
  • Do 10 walking lunges for every pair of jeans you try on
  • Burpee’s are the best! Do a burpee with pushup every time you have an impatient thought. Remember – the stores are literally open for 24 hours. You have PLENTY of time. Why rush?
  • Running in place with high knees is great while waiting for the bathroom. People might just think you are doing the potty dance.
  • Every time you stop at Starbucks and get yourself that double decaffeinated half cap with a twist of lime… 10 Spiderman pushups.
  • One word – SHOES – deserves some serious lower body exercises. For every dollar spent on shoes you must do the equivalent amount of calf raises. Remember – those boots are made for walking.
  • There are always some fabulous items that are not on sale, yet they are just a must have item. So do tricep dips for every dollar spent on non-sale items.
  • Stretching is just as important as the other exercises and it’s a delicious gift for you. Because you are so generous and buying gifts for others – give yourself 30 seconds of downward dog per gift.
  • Free gifts with purchase have a way of persuading us to buy. Every time you get a free gift – do 15 jumping jacks. That’s right – you are literally jumping for joy.
  • When trying on those fabulous fashions, there comes a time when we really have to squeeze ourselves super tight to try to get that fashion to zip up. 10 crunches for every forced fit.
  • Have you ever heard the phrase, “When in doubt, do without?” There are times when we buy items that we second guess the minute we walk out of the store. 15 seconds of plank for every purchase you question.
  • Laughter is GREAT for the core. Have you ever laughed so hard that you are just bent over, holding your belly and trying to breathe? Laughter is also very contagious. Whether the crowd is laughing at you or with you; do 30 seconds of gut wrenching laughter for every piece of jewelry you purchase.
  • As you come home, count up your receipts. For every receipt that you have do 10 hip bridges before you finally think about the last item on the list.
  • For the amount of time you are out of the house, front door back to front door, take at least ½ of that time to decompress. Sitting near the fireplace, drinking some herbal tea, watching the game or simply some naptime, meditation and snuggles with kids or spouse. Make your black Friday a benefit for your body!
  • You might get bizarre looks and snickers from onlookers – but just know that YOU can still fit into those skinny jeans the next day. And the smaller-sized outfits that you buy for you… makes it all worth it!