As much as we love the summer, working out when it’s sticky and humid often isn’t that inviting. The gym, however, can get impossibly dull. So to spare you the endless monotony of the treadmill, we reached out to Dallas-based celeb trainer Kim Truman for a fat blasting outdoor summer workout routine. She recommends doing this routine 3-4 times weekly for maximum results. (If you’re into outdoor workouts, you might want to check out Should You Be Using a Heart Rate Monitor During Workouts?)

“This is a great routine for all fitness levels,” says Truman. “It’s broken up in intervals, and features three body moves to keep your body burning fat.”

Warm Up

Start off walking at a regular walking pace for 3-4 minutes.  After you’re feeling warmed up, walk as fast as you can for 2 minutes and then slow down the pace for one minute. Do this interval five times in a row. Staying hydrated while exercising in the heat is important, so drink some water and keep going. (Is this one already seeming too easy? You can step it up with The Hardest Free Workout You’ll Ever Do).

Interval Move


Get in the plank position and hold it for twenty seconds. Relax for 3-5 seconds and repeat the plank, holding for twenty seconds for 10-15 reps.

Keep Moving

This time increase your walking pace to the point of feeling challenged, but keep it so that you are still able to have a conversation. Do this for one minute. Now walk as fast as you can for one minute and then go back to the normal pace in order to recover. Repeat this five times.

Interval Move

Doing toe-touch hops will challenge every part of your body. Start in the standing position with your hands by your side, then squat, reach down, and touch your toes with your fingertips. Now swing your arms up to sky, jumping up to a hop, lifting both feet off the ground. Do not sacrifice your form. Do this move 10-15 times, then take a one minute break.

Get Back to Stepping


For the first minute, do alternating walking lunges. Start with your right foot and go as deep as you are able, then switch to the left. After one minute of alternating from side to side, go back to walking, but at a fast pace for 4 minutes. Get your arms involved to increase your speed. Repeat the lunge walk for a minute, alternating with four-minute fast paced walk for four rounds. (Already feeling the pain tomorrow? You might want to know more about Curing Your Post Workout Soreness).

Cool down


Grab some water, take a few cleansing breaths, and stretch the muscles that you have worked. Truman suggests extending your legs in front of you, then bend forward and fold your upper body over your knees. Reach your hands for your toes. If the straight leg extension is too hard, then slightly bend your knees.

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