• Nike and Brooks running shoes
    “I like these shoes for the cushioning and comfort. Since I’m a neutral foot strike type runner, I only look for cushioning and comfort in running shoes.”
  • Roll Stick
    “I use a roll stick for those achy, tired muscles to increase blood flow to aid in recovery following a run.”
  • CEP Brand Compression shorts and calf sleeves
    “I wear compression for comfort while running. When I had shin splints after my last marathon, the CEP calf sleeves definitely helped relieve the soreness.”
  • Timex Ironman (GPS) watch
    “I use this watch for running, cycling. It could also be used for swimming, since it is water proof.”

“When I run, I don’t like wearing all the accessories like water belts, iPod/ear speakers, hats, heart rate monitors or anything other than shoes and shorts. I like to be light and totally focused on my running.”

Perry Small is an elite runner and one of the founding members of the Speedsters running group in Ft. Myers. He has over 24 years of experience, which includes many overall wins at road races in the Open, Masters, and Grand Masters divisions. Perry has been selected four times by Florida Running, Triathlon Magazine, and Run Disney as one of Florida’s Finest. At 50, Perry was the Overall winner of the 2009 Florida Senior Games and is the 5K and 10K record holder. Following recent surgery on his knee, Perry has been focused on his recovery so that he is able to race competitively again. While recovering, his involvement as the Speedsters leader exemplifies the two Speedster goals of providing a way to meet other runners and enjoy friendships with fellow running enthusiasts, and encouraging each other by training together to build speed and endurance. Perry advises to other runners, “Enjoy running. Set goals, have a training plan, and run with a group as often as you can for encouragement and accountability.”