Moxie Multisport team member and Ironman All World Athlete Mike Horn shares six triathlon gear must-haves that help him go the distance.

When you talk to Mike Horn, it becomes obvious within minutes where his passion lies: in triathlons. Horn’s dedication to multisport races began just a few short years ago, when he started competing in local sprint triathlons. He was immediately hooked, but he really got serious about training after working with USA Triathlon-certified coach Blake Upton, under whose guidance his endurance and power soared. Next, he joined national triathlon team Moxie Multisport, which placed second in their last Ironman team competition. Horn also earned the coveted Ironman All World Athlete Gold status, meaning he’s now in the top one percent for his age division in the world — a pretty astounding feat for someone who’s only been in serious training for a couple of years.

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This year, he adds a fourth half Ironman as well as the full Ironman Cozumel (in support of Cancer Alliance of Naples) to his roster. With such a busy race schedule, Horn relies on some essential triathlon gear in his gym bag to keep himself in peak condition at all times.

● GQ-6: Part of a pre-, during-, and post-workout hydration system. “It’s a new product line for really enhanced cycling performance and thorough hydration,” Horn says.

● Swiftwick Socks: Horn swears they are “[the] best socks ever!” They dry fast by wicking moisture away, which is especially important when you’re running 26.2 miles drenched in Southwest Florida’s unforgiving humidity.

● Compex Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator: Not only does this handy tool aid in active recovery and building strength, it also keeps muscles firing by activating them with a small shock. “I use it for ten minutes to warm up,” says Horn.

● Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller: Rolling out tired muscles to aid in workout recovery is essential, and nothing beats the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller. “You feel awkward when you’re doing it,” Horn admits, “but it really helps … It’s a must after every workout. The camo one is awesome!”

● Donkey Label Premium Chamois Balm: Prevent nasty saddle sores and uncomfortable chafing with this balm for your more, erm, delicate bits.

● BASE Performance Electrolyte Salt: “This stuff is great because you just lick your finger, stick it into the canister while you’re running or exercising, and put it on your tongue … it absorbs in one to two minutes,” Horn says. BASE Performance Electrolyte Salt works much faster than salt pills, and is especially important for endurance athletes to prevent cramping.

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