There are several fitness trackers on the market, so it can be difficult for the everyday athlete to choose just one. Two of the biggest leaders in the industry are Garmin and Fitbit, both of which have created their own lines of trackers to accommodate mainstream consumers and athletes alike. Let’s take a look at how two of these products – the Fitbit Flex and Garmin Vivosmart – stack up against each other (Psst…if you’re into tech-ifying your workout, you might want to read the 6 Health Apps Fitness Bloggers Swear By).

Fitbit Flex ($99.95)

The Fitbit Flex is one of the most popular fitness trackers in the entire Fitbit range. It’s their mid-level product, offering more features than the $50 Zip, but without the high price of the Charge or Surge. The Fitbit Flex’s display consists of five little lights, which blink according to how active you’ve been throughout the day. More lights means more activity.

However, the nifty little Fitbit mobile app allows users to view the progress of other product users, including friends and family. Additionally, it allows users to set personal goals according to steps, activity and calorie intake. As the icing on top, users can also track sleep, giving it a slight feature advantage over the Fitbit Zip.

Garmin Vivosmart ($149.99)

For the basic Garmin Vivosmart without heart monitoring capabilities, you can get some of the same tracking features as the Flex. This device allows you to monitor your steps and calorie burn throughout the day. However, it has a few key features – specifically in its display – that give it an edge.

The Vivosmart shows you the time and date, and you’ll also receive smartphone notifications directly on the display of the device. You can also set up Vivosmart to vibrate whenever you have been sitting for too long, and sleep tracking is possible as well.

So Which Device is Best?

The bottom line is that the best device for you depends on your lifestyle. If you’re interested in a wearable that shows you more than five blinking lights, you may want to invest in the Vivosmart. This device has additional features that tech-savvy consumers appreciate in a fitness tracker.

If you want a simple wearable that effortlessly tracks your health, you could learn to love the Fitbit Flex. It’s also worth taking price into consideration if you’re on a budget, and a boatload of features aren’t necessary to you.

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