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Esparragos y Romesco, yields 1 serving
Created By: Chef Marc Vidal, Executive Chef of Boqueria NYC

“Asparagus is a natural detox veggie, with approximately 3 grams of digestive cleansing  fiber, no fat or cholesterol and has only 40 calories per cup. It’s rich in potassium,  vitamin A, folate and Glutathione (GSH) – an amino acid compound that protects cells from toxins and can prevent signs of aging. Listed as the number one source of vitamin K, asparagus can also prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis,” says Elaine Hastings, RN, LD/N, CSSD.

• 18 pieces Green Asparagus (2 oz)
• 1 oz Romesco Sauce (1oz)

1.Season asparagus with salt, pepper and olive oil
2.Sear on plancha* until charred and cooked through, about two minutes
3.Heat up Romesco in large saute pan and transfer asapargus to saute pan to coat evenly
4.Serve in a cazuela** with shaved raw asparagus salad as garnish

* A plancha is a Spanish term for a flattop grill.

**Cazuela is the Spanish term for a clay cooking pot, sturdy enough to use over an open flame. This type of pot helps maintain temperature, but feel free to swap in your own type of serving dish.