Giro Empire ACC Cycling Shoes Review

Fact: I haven’t owned a pair of cycling shoes with laces yet this century. … Okay, so it’s only 2015. But this is the future, after all. I should have shoes that are remote-controlled, that magically...
Alto CC40 Wheeks Fit Nation

The Alto CC40: Ahead Of The Competition

Typically, a wheel that tries to do too much ends up not doing much of anything. The exception is the Alto CC40. What do I want in a wheel? Easy.  It needs to be light, stiff, fast, and great in a...
scott helmet
3.8Scott Arx Plus

This Cycling Helmet May Save Your Life!

Inever wanted to think about how well my helmet would fare in a real life crash situation.  Frankly, I didn’t like the idea that a crash would involve my head.  Statistical probability.  If you ride...
Morgan Wright WIHGB

What’s In The Bag? Top 5 Mud Run Must-Haves

Known for his impressive mud run finishes and colorful personality, Team MudRunFun member Morgan Wright shows us how he makes running fun—and practical. “Whatever you do, find something fun about it!”...
Matt McCain Gym Bag

What’s In The Bag? Top Cycling Must Haves

Matt McCain, local road cyclist and founder of Everyone Rides, tells us which gear essentials help him go the distance during grueling 100+ mile rides. Matt McCain’s love of cycling began at age 12 when he...
Cee Me Vest

Run Walk Bike: Cee Me Safety Vest

Apparel – Reflective Safety Vest It was a gloomy January night in Southwest Florida as Paul Krieger made his way home in the rain. Driving cautiously, he suddenly realized the flash of light in front of him...