Known for his impressive mud run finishes and colorful personality, Team MudRunFun member Morgan Wright shows us how he makes running fun—and practical.

“Whatever you do, find something fun about it!” That’s local mud runner Morgan Wright’s motto in sports and in life, and as someone whose post-race routine includes sporting a moose hat and kilt for laughs, truer words were never spoken. In fact, though he jokingly calls himself an old man at 41, his lighthearted attitude and impressive listmorgan wrightof competitive wins belie that number. In the mere four years that Wright has been competing in mud runs, he has completed over 150 races and has racks of medals to show for it. He admits to having a competitive streak, but once the race is over, it’s time to get the party started (and the moose hat and kilt on).

Training with Team MudRunFun throughout the year and practicing jujitsu at American Top Team gym keeps Wright fit year round. On average, he competes in two runs per month, and he’s a consistent Top 10 finisher in national races and Top 3 in Florida races. To do this much “down and dirty” running, he relies on some essentials to keep him primed for every race.

● Sub Sports Compression Shorts and Compression Calf Sleeves: “[Sub Sports Compression Shorts] kill me,” laughs Wright, “They’re the male version of Spanx!” They’re also practical for running an obstacle course in the mud, since regular shorts are prone to fill up with mud, can get caught on barbed wire, and can cause “the worst wedgies ever, [so] they’re worth it.” The Calf Sleeves are “super helpful to keep the battle wounds at bay” and avoid rope burn.

● inov-8 x-Talon 190 Footwear: “[This is] my favorite running shoe… the traction is phenomenal. You’ll jump like a velociraptor!” Wright suggests going a half-size larger than what you usually wear since these tend to run small.

GU● GU Energy Gel: Best used for mid-race endurance and energy, Wright advises to “just squeeze [it] in your mouth while running … the GU with caffeine will give you a boost.”

● Quest Bar: Water and a Quest Bar are what get Wright recharged to run multiple laps. “Gotta have one with me at every race … they’re 20 grams of protein, 20 grams of fiber, they taste good, and they have clean ingredients.”

● Fun!: After a Mud Run, Wright likes to don a kilt and a moose hat to run a second, third, or even fourth lap for fun. He likes the attention the costume gets because it shows that fitness can be enjoyable. When it’s time to replace the kilt, he orders a new one at The moose hat? Well, that was a gift from a friend, and it’s irreplaceable.

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