Stay in balance and train better with three WODs that go from high power to low power output.

To keep our bodies in tip-top shape we need heart-pumping, muscle-building training and low-impact cardio. but staying with WODs that stress only one or the either can lead to fatigue, muscle tears, muscle burn and hormonal changes. It also robs you of health benefits that can only come from doing both.

When you’re engaged in aerobic activity, like rowing or jogging you are using oxygen to power your muscles and provide the energy your body needs to keep going. As you inhale, oxygen is sent to the cells in your muscles, which then break down sugar and release energy. With an aerobic workout you can expect fat burn and an increase in cardiovascular health, aerobic capacity and overall endurance. However, doing too much aerobic work could burn up muscle as well.

Unlike with aerobic activity, anaerobic exercise does not rely on oxygen to produce energy, which comes in handy when you’re sprinting to the finish line. Anaerobic exercise produces far less energy, which is why it is not sustainable for large chunks of time or endless repetitions. The benefits of an anaerobic workout include increased power, speed, muscle strength and endurance. The downside is that too much anaerobic exercise can cause a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles, leaving you exhausted.

The following WODs go from high to low energy output so that you can keep your body in peak performance.

WOD 1 (Anaerobic)

This WOD is meant to be completed at a very high intensity. Start with Dumbbell Thrusters. Use a thruster weight that allows you to get 12 or more reps unbroken (35/20). Next move on to Strict Pull-ups. If you need to, split up the reps of Pull-ups, but keep the rest time very short. Do reps of 18-14-10.

Scale options:

Use lighter dumbbells that allows for at least twelve reps on the first round

Do Jumping Pull-ups or Ring Rows instead of the Strict Pull-ups

Lower reps to 14-10-6

Thruster: With weights at your shoulders, do a front squat straight into a push press.


WOD 2 (Aerobic Threshhold)

Depending on your endurance, this WOD could very well tip over into anaerobic respiration. The goal of this workout is to complete as many reps as possible of Wall Ball and Sit-ups. Start with fifteen Wall Balls Shots, using a medicine ball weight (14/20) that allows you to get ten or more reps. Next do ten Sit-ups. Keep going for a total of twelve minutes.

Scale options:

Lower amount of  Wall Ball Shots and Sit-ups to eight reps each

Wall Ball Shots: Holding a medicine ball, squat down and explosively stand up, throwing the ball toward a 9- or 10-foot target above your head.



WOD 3 (Aerobic)

This longer workout will build up your endurance. The goal is to keep you breathing and your heart rate steady, so try your best to keep moving. Get your rest while transitioning from one movement to the next and during the completion of your Burpees. Start with  a 500-meter row, followed by 21 Burpees and finish with a 400-meter run. Do three rounds.

Scale Options:

Switch to No-push Burpees

If you’re unable to run, row another 500 meters instead

Lower length of row to 300 meters, length of run to 200 meters

Drop to 14 Burpees

Burpee: Squat and place your hands down, shoulder-width apart.  Kick your legs back to a push-up position or lower your thighs and chest to the ground, legs extended. Bring the legs back in and stand or jump up to full extension with arms above your head.


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