The Three-Trimester Triathlete

Our newest blogger is training for two! Once upon a time I ran like the wind blew and cycled with drive and determination, laughing in the face of a stiff offshore headwind and all the snowbird traffic. I swam...

Is Plastic Surgery Cheating for Athletes?

Some athletes are choosing to go under the knife, here’s what you need to know. Carter Wheeler was proud of how far he'd come. He'd lost more than 100 pounds and become an incredible athlete—feared on many a l...

4 Ways to Make It Your Happiest Year Yet

HERE'S TO YOUR HAPPIEST YEAR YET With the New Year quickly approaching, you may be thinking about how to make the upcoming year your happiest year yet. While losing weight and kicking a cigarette habit are gre...


As athletes, we’re generally pretty good at looking at the big picture: the PR you want to nail; the chiseled abs you’ve been gunning for; the latest goal you’ve set. But sometimes it’s actually helpful to think small.

Who’s Afraid of Vibrio Vulnificus?

Breaking down the myths of Vibrio Vulnificus, so you can relax in the water With one death so far in 2013 in Lee County from Vibrio vulnificus and a lot of media attention, most people think they have two choi...

10 Foods FN Experts Will Not Eat

Everyone has favorite foods, even favorite pre and post training snacks and meals. Almost all fitness enthusiasts view food as fuel, and we are often rattling off our new favorite breakfast combinations or prot...