Trying to enjoy a few drinks but still maintain a healthy diet?

You put in all this work at crossfit, in the pool, on the bike or out on the track and then want to meet up with friends to unwind just to have that training ruined by sugar laden, high-calorie glasses of wine. Through top-of-the-line filtration and extended fermentation, FitVine Wine has created a Chardonnay and Cabernet that fits your training plan! With higher antioxidants, no residual sugar and less carbohydrates and calories, FitVine Wine is BioHacked California Wine.

With increasing evidence about the dangers of gluten, and added evidence about the benefits of time spent having wine with friends, this gluten-free, clean, made in the USA, beverage has all the taste and alcohol without the guilt. To further highlight the importance of a glass of wine with friends, National Geographic explorer and New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner discovered, “moderate drinkers outlive non-drinkers.” Wine is also said to help fight the fog of alzhemiers, while Dr. Sal of Lee Memorial Health System encourages a glass of red wine with dinner because he knows, “we must focus on food as medicine.”

FitVine Wine has put together a team of athletes from Crossfitters, triathletes, competitive runners and celebrity trainers that all understand the benefits and enjoy the great taste of FitVine Wine. As the holidays approach, this is the perfect gift for the over-21 athletes in your life. But be sure to keep a few bottles on the shelves for yourself when you need to unwind after that extra-long WOD or to celebrate your first half-marathon. If you order a case, the shipping is free, so you may want to just go all in – you won’t be disappointed.

As their slogan goes, “We Crush Grapes, You Crush Life” so get out there and crush life, then enjoy a glass or two. Cheers!

FitVine Wine can be purchased at Ada’s Natural Market in Fort Myers or online at