Hot water with lemon – This miracle cure-all will speed up digestion and strengthen the immune system. Begin each morning by squeezing a wedge of lemon into a cup of hot water, drink and enjoy! Drink during and after meals as well to encourage healthy digestion.

Portion Control – Never eat more than you can hold in your hands (cup them together like a bowl to establish your appropriate meal size)! Eat frequently and moderately, the larger the meal the heavier the load for the digestive system.

Tongue Scraper – Buy one! This simple tool is used to scrape the ama (icky white coating) off the tongue. This will serve as a natural breath freshener, rejuvenate the taste buds, and decrease cravings for unhealthy or excess food.

Find a physical activity you love, and do it! – Daily workouts should be something loved rather than dreaded. If you hate working out, find a new method, there are myriad options to choose from.

Meditate – The research is out there; meditation will improve your life on many facets! Start small, choose an affirmation that will improve your life, and sit quietly thinking about it for five minutes a day. A great way to build a consistent meditation practice is to commit to the Chopra Center 21 Day Challenge, check it out at  Download the Insight Timer app and become part of a worldwide meditation community.

Clear out the Clutter – Start with the closet, if an item of clothing hasn’t been worn in over a year, throw it away! Make room for all that you want in your life, by eliminating that which no longer serves you. Begin with clothes and simple household items, then work your way up to unhealthy routines and relationships.

Goals – Set goals, and make them concrete with images. Create a vision board and use it as your screen saver. By seeing images of your dreams each time you turn on the computer you will naturally work towards making them come true. A few simple ones to start with are your dream vacation, job, house, relationship, etc.

Surround yourself with people you wish to emulate – Look closely at your social circle. Do you wish you had the equivalent of your best friend’s job, health, fitness, family, and fun? If not, you should! By cultivating a successful, active, healthy social circle you will create endless opportunities to improve your own lifestyle.

Gratitude Log – Keep a gratitude log by writing down something that you are grateful for each day. On days that aren’t so hot, read through all that you have to be grateful for, and focus on the blessings.

Remember, it takes 21 days to create a habit. Choose one, and start living your dreams today!