This certified CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids trainer shares five essential items that help her get the most out of every workout.

1. Jump rope

Serious CrossFitters recognize that having their own jump rope is key to performance. “It is important to provide your own rope that is fitted to your individual height. Becoming familiar with the same rope also allows you to perform better.”

2. Weightlifting belt

Another workout enhancer in Shinn’s arsenal is her weightlifting belt, which she uses for squats and deadlifts. “I use a Harbinger belt. I love that it’s secured with Velcro, so I can rip it off fast and transition into the next exercise.”

3. Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm

This balm is applied in the same way as a stick of deodorant—but all over the body—to prevent friction and repel moisture. “It’s a lifesaver while performing activities such as rope climbing or tons of situps to avoid raw skin, cuts and scars.”

4. Weightlifting shoes

Shinn says her Do-Win shoes make all the difference while she’s lifting weights.  “Unlike running shoes, the extra support under the heel and the hard and flat stability of a lifting shoe helps to control the weight you’re lifting, as well as your body.”

5. Knee socks

On days she skips wearing long pants, Shinn’s always sure to wear knee socks for extra protection around her ankles, calves and shins while climbing rope or lifting weights.