In BMX, when you’re the best, having the best matters.

It’s hard to believe that Michelle Huey is only 18. When she talks about BMX, her intentions of turning pro and her dream of competing in Rio in 2016, she speaks with the wisdom of a much older athlete.

But she’s barely an adult—and, even more impressively—she’s only been involved with the sport for six years. While waiting on her brother at a skate park one day, she just hopped on a bike and started riding.  Since then, Michelle’s addiction and constant dedication to the sport has never wavered—she even started homeschooling so that she could devote more time to training.

“After all the work you’ve done and dedications you’ve made, when you’ve crossed the finish line, it’s the best feeling in the world,” she says, justifying all her sacrifices. “In BMX, you are 100 percent in control of your race. No one else. You do it for yourself—it’s just cool,” she adds.

It’s not all work and no play, though. One of the things Huey loves most about BMX is the close friendships and support she gets from the sport. She has many BMX friends both across the state and the country. While she loves her friends, she loves beating them even more.

“You can be friends off the track, but not on the track,” she says.

Here’s the gear that Huey never hits the track without.


BMX gear

  • 2014 GHP polished 20″ bike frame

“My bike is lightweight, strong, looks good, and handles very well. The GHP far exceeded my expectations and is one of the best rides I have ever had. A special thanks to Greg Hill [producer of the GHP bike line] for the continued support throughout the season.”

“With high quality comfort and rockin’ style, they keep my feet race-ready.”

“Safety is always key during any sport. My TLD helmet keeps my brain safe.”

“EKS brand keeps my vision clear and race ready.”

“Dan’s Comp [a website that sells BMX-inspired clothes and gear] continues to keep my racing style fresh and safe.”

“Before any race, I warm up jamming to my music to get focused.”