Eating Less Animal Protein May Save Your Life

Editor’s note: At Fit Nation Magazine, we believe in representing all sides of an issue. We do not promote any particular diets or fitness plans, and our authors’ opinions are their own. This is a controversial topic, but I am a strong proponent of giving up meat and dairy and focusing on a more vegan/vegetarian […]

Is The Pegan Diet Right for You?

You’ve probably already heard of veganism and the paleo diet. Both diets have great benefits and large followings. Those who go for a vegan diet have lower risk of developing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The biggest benefit of a paleo diet is that you consume nothing that is processed, which is great for your […]

Plant-Based Paleo Pesto

This is a vegan, paleo twist on an Italian classic – you won’t even miss the cheese! This plant-based paleo pesto is a perfect topper for grilled meats, vegetables, salads, breads and even better, it can be made ahead of time. Ingredients: 1.5 cups basil leaves (discard thick stems) 6 tablespoons olive oil (more or […]

Plant Protein, Alkaline Diets, and the Carnivore’s Lie

America, we are raised on meat, potatoes, and milk. We never knew any better: those foods were supposed to make us big and strong, and keep our bones and teeth healthy. Now contrary to popular belief, we have begun to examine why a plant-based diet can not only prevent disease states, but reverse them. In […]

New Documentary ‘Plant Pure Nation’ To Screen In Fort Myers

Fit Nation is thrilled to announce that the documentary film Plant Pure Nation will be screening in Ft. Myers on July 23rd. The film comes from the same production team that  created Forks Over Knives, and continues the eye-opening story. The film will be playing at the Bell Tower’s Regal Movie Theatre at 8 pm, and you can […]

Vegan Chilled Tomato Soup with Guacamole Recipe

A healthy, cool way to cure your craving for chips with salsa and guac This elegant, naturally vegan soup is a perfect way to highlight fresh produce from the farmer’s market, starring tomatoes, red bell peppers, and jalapeños, as well as plenty of fresh herbs. This fresh, spicy take on gazpacho will make an excellent […]

Your Bag Lunch Is Boring!

Get an A+ in packing tasty, healthy lunches this year. The sack lunch has long been synonymous with boring food or unnaturally colored cheese. But it need not be this way. This year we’re reinventing the lunchbox. In the process we’re kicking out the junk food and upping both the flavor and the nutrition. Whether […]

Bad Date Night, Time To Start Seeing Other Restaurants?

Date night shouldn’t be a diet debacle. As much as we love date night, nothing kills the mood like your honey whispering the words “MSG” and “1,300 calories in one portion” in your ear. A July 2013 study published in The Journal of Internal Medicine found that, on average, meals from 19 sit-down restaurant chains […]

Can Raw Food Actually Be Delicious?

We investigate raw food dining spot The Cider Press Café. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s officially summer in Southwest Florida. Which means the thought of eating something hot makes me feel like I’ll melt. Unfortunately, a girl can’t live on salads and popsicles alone. The solution? A little slice of heaven: A creamy cool slice […]