Summer is just around the corner, and we’re all thinking the same thing: time to start getting that beach body ready. Whether it’s pumping iron at the gym or lacing up your hiking boots and hitting the trails, there are plenty of ways to get into shape.

In the United States, Crossfit has become so popular, it has even become a verb. Chances are good that you’ve had someone ask you, “Do you CrossFit?” in the past couple of years (and chances are equally good that as an athlete, you either love CrossFit or hate it).

And just as CrossFit is popular domestically, there are equally trendy ways to get fit around the world. In Thailand, you’ll find people working out by stepping in the ring for Muay Thai Boxing. Over in Brazil, capoeira, a martial arts that combines dance, music, fighting, and acrobatics, is a test of strength and poise.

Gain some fit-spiration and check out how people exercise around the world get their workouts on.


Surfing - Image courtesy of David Cobbin-Flickr

David Cobbin – Flickr

Though gyms are a popular option in Australia, many Aussies also look to the great outdoors as a way to get and stay fit. Australia has plenty of outdoor gyms as well as walking, running, and hiking trails. Water sports are also wildly popular, like paddle boarding, wake boarding, and surfing. Additionally, many Aussies also play recreational footy, or rugby, as both a fun activity and a way to get into shape.


Capoeira - Ulf Liljankoski - Flickr

Ulf Liljankoski – Flickr

In Brazil, capoeira is an age-old practice that recently gained cultural heritage status by Unesco, the UN’s cultural arm. Capoeira was developed by Africa slaves from Angola brought to Brazil in the 16th century. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines dance, acrobatics, and music, and it has become a popular practice around the world.