Muay Thai-Will Will-Flickr

Will Will – Flickr

Have you ever seen the body of a Muay Thai boxer? Let’s just say it’s perfection. Muay Thai boxing is a popular sport in Thailand, and it is a great way to get fit, both mentally and physically. In Thailand, as in China, you’ll catch many locals exercising in the parks.

United States

Crossfit-Commander, U.S. Naval Forces-Flickr

Commander, U.S. Naval Forces – Flickr

We said it before, and it continues to be true: in recent years, Crossfit has gained a cult-like following for those looking to challenge themselves mentally and physically. Crossfit gyms, known as boxes, can be found across America. There are Crossfit competition, special Crossfit shoes—hell, Crossfit itself has become a verb (“Do you Crossfit?”).