More and more people are turning to their smartphones to help them train, track, and accomplish their fitness goals. Just last year, about one third of all smartphone users logged onto some sort of fitness or health app, from exercise timers and trackers to wearable-connected apps (If you’re someone who’s into how tech can help you live better, you might want to check out New Wearable Technology Saves Your Life).

But the mobile app world is vast and the selection is expansive, making it difficult (and exhausting) to find out which app will work best for your lifestyle and your needs. Luckily, a few of our favorite fitness bloggers have already done the trial-and-error work for us. Here are the apps they can’t live without.

1. YogaGlo (prices vary) – Mynameisjessamyn


With over 100,000 followers inspired by her yoga moves, Instagrammer Jessamyn Stanley turns to YogaGlo for online yoga classes and tutorials. “There is a class for every kind of situation, from traveling long distance to surviving a hangover or illness,” she says. “They are excellent resources for new and seasoned yoga practitioners and they are key elements of my practice.”

For $18 a month, subscribers earn unlimited access to world-class instructors — both on and offline. Classes vary from five minutes to two hours, and are meant to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

2. Zova (free) – Fitness in the City


Australian health and fitness enthusiast Lee Sutherland, known for her blog Fitness In The City, is a fan of workout app Zova. She compares it to having a personal trainer in your pocket. The app guides users through curated workouts of various times, styles, and intensities.

3. YOU-app with Jamie Oliver (free) – 1danistevens


Fitness blogger and mom Dani Stevens has integrated the You-app with Jamie Oliver into her daily life to help push her into developing healthy habits. The celebrity chef’s app revolves around making “micro-changes” to users’ lifestyles by acting like a social network, where users take pictures of healthy choices and share it with their friends. The ultimate goal is to improve your personal well-being through social accountability.

4. Seconds ($4.99) by Ivfitness


Personal trainer and blogger Idalis Velazquez uses and recommends the app Seconds. The easy-to-use trainer app is like an interval timer for circuit, interval, and Tabata training that works no matter where you are. Bonus: it also syncs up music to your intervals.

5. Nike+ Running App (free) by Kayla In the City


No health apps list would be complete without the classic Nike+ Running app. New York-based  fitness blogger Kayla Kleinman uses the app to track her mileage and pace when training for races. Features of the app include audio feedback and GPS tracking for a hands-free experience.

6. Cody (prices vary) by dylanwerneryoga


Super yogi Dylan Werner’s go-to fitness app is the yoga-teaching Cody. The app is similar to a supportive fitness community, where users can buy virtual programs based on their yoga needs. For example, newbies can learn all the basics or seasoned yogis can upgrade to the next level by learning how to handstand. Werner says, “For those who are as busy as I am, it can be hard to squeeze in a yoga practice, but Cody makes it easy – and fun!”

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