This post is an attempt to cover the last couple weeks and catch the blog up to date, because it is a few weeks behind my actual training. I had been struggling with my confidence big time. A couple of strong speed workouts and a good, fast tempo run really helped turn things around.

Unfortunately, I have a penchant for good looking, high heeled shoes. Did I mention I work on my feet for 8-10 hours a day? No? Ladies, here is your public service announcement. DO NOT do long or hard runs followed by a long day in high heels. First, your Achilles tendons will hate you. A lot. Second, you can get tendonitis, and let me tell you how bad that sucks. I had a great tempo run Thursday, a five mile recovery run Friday, and crippling pain by Friday night. Not great for mental health or a regular marathon training plan.

I limped to physical therapy and felt better within days. Hoping for the best, I attempted an easy four miler the following Tuesday. I ran ok, but the left leg was killing me about 30 minutes later. My physical therapist (AKA my Mom – who thankfully is also a long distance runner) recommended 2 weeks of rest. After I stopped laughing/crying, I said “Well, what is option number two?” When she stopped laughing, we decided to do at least one (gulp) full week off, with PT 3 times and see where I was at that point.


In the past, I would have lost my mind. I would have freaked out at missing that many workouts, especially the critical long runs and speed/tempo runs. I needed to learn that it is ok not to follow a training plan EXACTLY, every single day. That it will not ruin a race to miss even a whole week, if it means being healthy.

This time around, I was freakishly calm. I even surprised myself. After being out over a month last year and having to drop a marathon and gimp through a half marathon, I did actually learn a thing or two. Who knew? Anyway, there was just no forcing this particular issue. My leg hurt. A lot. More than I could run through. My heart is set on Chicago, and although it would be tough to not to train hard or PR, it would be a hell of a lot worse not to be able to run it at all. I do not want to jeopardize my marathon.

So I rested and iced. I went to PT and did light strength training. I hung out on the dreaded elliptical. I spent some amazing hours on the water paddle boarding. I am not going to lie; there was a little pouting, but not much. What helped was focusing on my recovery runs in the next few weeks and tentatively planning on how I would attack getting back on schedule with training. The fact that I started with a strong base was comforting, but did not totally appease my nerves about the next few weeks.

I know those first couple runs are not going to be easy and the first tempo run back will be a challenge, but I am mentally prepared. I am ok with running a little slower in the beginning and easing back into the training schedule. Patience is something I am trying desperately to improve upon.

My plan for after I get the PT OK is to easy back into running. No back to back days of running the first week. Laying off the hard speed work initially, and just enjoying those first runs back. I really missed those two Saturday morning long runs, but getting a little extra sleep time is a nice little perk.

So now you know all about my training getting derailed. Anyone dealt with injuries this summer? How do you deal? Mentally, how do you cope? What other activities do you do to get your workouts in? Let’s hear all about you!

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By: Lianne Martin
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