The brave women of the Afghan National Women’s Cycling Team have a mission: to break through the gender barriers that exist in their country and around the world by riding their bikes.

Liv supports the team’s efforts and is proud to be part of an upcoming event called the Global Solidarity Ride. Scheduled to take place on August 30, all around the world, this is a way for us all to show the women of Afghanistan that they are not alone in their revolutionary actions.

Cyclists everywhere will take to their wheels in solidarity with the Afghan women who dare to ride, and in remembrance of the women that dared to ride before, and in doing so paved the way for independent mobility and freedom for women around the world.

Ride with them as we pedal a revolution.

There will be a choice of 3 distances:

15 miles
30 miles
45 miles

Support will be provided along the way, with an aid station for all distances. We will enjoy food and entertainment upon our return to the store.

Sunday, August 30th from 7:30am- 11am