Ahhhh Florida summertime. Running in 85+ degree heat. Aside from avoiding dehydration, heat stroke, and sunburn, chaffing is quite the issue. And yes, I am going there. Regardless of size or build, most runners get this not-so-pleasant experience at least once in a while. I have had my fair share of chaffing and too many showers that felt like someone was lighting a fire along my sports bra lines – and for some reason, only under my left arm. Apparently my right arm doesn’t rub? How does that happen- crappy form or weird body symmetry? Nothing looks sexy on the beach like scabs and raw skin all over one’s chest and stomach. Not hot.

A few years ago after the first couple awesome chaffing “incidents” I invested in Body Glide. For lots of people Body Glide is an absolute savior. Unfortunately for me, I had an allergic reaction to it. Know what looks even less hot that chaffing? Red, gnarly, rash across the top half of your torso. Lesson learned. Since then, I bought the largest tubs of Vaseline and Aquaphor money can buy.  I have stained countless shirts (Vaseline stains…) but am significantly more comfortable come summertime. Unless I get lazy, like last week. I am looking into buying stock in Aquaphor. Best. Stuff. Ever.

Other than the small wounds by my shoulders from chaffing, marathon training week number two is in the books. 37.51 miles later, my legs are tired, but I am feeling good. Closing in on 40 miles per week— no need to get crazy or injured early on. I had a great speed workout midweek that consisted of 12x400s. Towards the end of the week, I definitely started feeling those extra miles. My long run on Saturday was the first time I really felt the “running on tired legs” long runs. I’m not sure if it was the slightly higher mileage or paying the price for skipping an off day and running in 90 degree heat.  Regardless, the eight miler on Saturday morning was not easy. On the up side, my recovery run on Sunday was easy and relaxing. I am also focusing on strengthening, stretching, and icing.   Next week is going to be a challenge because we will be traveling and attempting to stay on track.

How is your summer training going? What are you doing to beat the heat? Treadmill? Any other hot weather running tips? (Or good cocktails suggestions to cool off?!) Let me know in the comments below!

By: Lianne Martin
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