Ialways miss a lot of workouts this time of year, and when I do, I start feeling bad about myself. How can I get back on track?

Americans are obsessed with diets, training plans and schedules. We are indoctrinated at a young age to follow programs and calendars. Don’t get me wrong, consistency and structure play an important role in many of our successes, but there is a benefit to listening to the natural rhythms of our bodies and just going with the flow too. The holidays are a busy time for many, and maybe you can consider this time as a natural break in your routine.

When some of us miss our workouts, we tend to throw the towel in. But just because we missed a few workouts doesn’t mean we’ve blown it! Life, just like our workout routine, is not a perfectly planned program to follow; it’s a series of stops and starts, twists and turns. In fact, a break around the holidays might give you some inspiration or renewed motivation once you get back at it. Consider reframing the time you missed as a reward, or a well-deserved rest.

For many people, the holidays are a time to give to others. Sometimes we spend more than we should or eat too much or travel inconveniently during these hectic days, but it’s all in the spirit of connecting. Remind yourself during these times that you won’t be this busy forever.

As far as how to deal, you have a couple choices. As I said before, you can roll with it, allowing your body a rest and simply enjoy having time to celebrate with friends and family. Or, you can just say no to some of the seemingly obligatory holiday parties, gatherings and endless shopping. We often bog ourselves down with the details of what we must do and forget to see the bigger picture of our lives. When we appreciate how much we are accomplishing in all areas of our life, we live more holistically.

The most important thing to remember is that nothing is ever a waste, whether it’s a workout or time with friends and family. When you are on your final days on this earth, consider what you’ll wish you carved more time out for, a workout or some meaningful time with friends and family?

It’s never too late to start the day over. Let go of any guilt or remorse for the days you’ve missed and get back on your plan, or better yet create a new one! The best way to predict your future is to create it. Don’t look back; only look forward!