Eating Less Animal Protein May Save Your Life

Editor’s note: At Fit Nation Magazine, we believe in representing all sides of an issue. We do not promote any particular diets or fitness plans, and our authors’ opinions are their own. This is a controversial topic, but I am a strong proponent of giving up meat and dairy and focusing on a more vegan/vegetarian […]

Grilled Sesame Ginger Vegetable Couscous

Cooking indoors when it’s this hot out is pure insanity. This healthful, delicious recipe, courtesy of Pereg Gourmet, is the perfect summer meal: it heats up your kitchen a minimal amount (a little stove top work is required). Plus, this vegetable couscous is bright, flavorful, and takes advantage of seasonal vegetables. You can replace the couscous […]

7 Vegetarian Snacks to Fuel Your Workout

Boost your energy before you exercise with these healthy, non-meat options. For a vegetarian, combining protein and carbohydrate is the perfect way to keep energy levels up during a grueling workout. The body needs protein to build muscle, and it digests slowly, supplying a steady stream of energy hours after consumption. Complex carbs, such as […]

Heavy Metal Vegetarian: Getting Enough Iron for the Leaf-Eating Athlete

Iron is a powerhouse of a dietary nutrient. It’s like a little freight train that carries oxygen through our blood—helping to stave off fatigue, breathlessness and that overall feeling of being cranky—as it chugs through our system. So-called heme iron—which only comes from animal tissue—is the easiest for the body to absorb. The non-heme iron […]