How to Stay in Shape After an Injury

So you’ve finally gotten where you want to be as an athlete: you ran that triathlon, biked that mountain, or maybe just finally got to a good place where you can run a couple of trail laps around the park without feeling like the slowest person there. Then, bam. You get a stress fracture in […]

Improve Your Posture for a Better Spin Workout

Cycling is a great way to stay in shape on your commute, but anyone who’s ever been to a spin class can attest to the fact that spinning has very little to do with a pleasurable early morning bike ride. Spinning is a great workout, but between the pounding music and the constant changing of positions, […]

Spice Up Your Food to Improve Your Metabolism

It’s a bummer, but a fact of life that no matter how hard we work to eat right and hit the gym, our bodies sometimes just don’t burn calories at the rate we’d like them to. There are many factors that affect metabolism and chief among them are gender, age and activity level, according to […]

Which Vitamin Supplements Are Really Worth Your Money?

Some of us may not have thought about vitamins since our daily Flintstones chewable while others carry an entire alphabet’s worth of vitamins to dose throughout the day. But, honestly, do we really need a treasure chest of vitamins every day? The answer, according to the experts, is yes and no. Vitamins and minerals are […]

Preventing Skin Cancer This Summer: What SPF Do You Really Need?

The summer means beach volleyball, backyard cookouts, and soaking up as much sun as possible after a long winter trapped indoors. For many sun lovers, all those sunny poolside afternoons come with the added bonus of a tan. Sure, we’ve all heard that burns are bad and that your SPF number should be somewhere in […]

Should You Be Using a Heart Rate Monitor During Cardio Workouts?

Sure your FitBit can count your steps, and Nike+ can track your running progress, but if you’re not measuring your heart rate during cardio exercise, then you might not be getting the best read on the effectiveness of your workout. Heart rate monitors are so much more than those little metal pads attached to the […]

Gut Health – 6 Reasons to Check Before You Flush

The healthiest relationship athletes ever form isn’t with a trainer, coach, or fellow athletes. It’s with their gut. It might not be written into the training plan, but a key part of an athlete’s regimen should be his or her performance in, well, the bathroom. That’s right, we’re talking about that, the often-off-limits, icky-to-think-about number […]