How to inspire your partner’s desire to move.

Training is an essential part of your life, but maybe your partner isn’t on board with frequent, sweaty bouts of exercise… at the gym. So how do you cope? Instead of pushing your concerns aside, harness the power of Monday.

It’s no coincidence that your gym seems more crowded on Monday. Research shows that we’re most open to making healthy choices on Mondays – from exercising and eating healthier to scheduling medical appointments and quitting smoking. Although Mondays have traditionally gotten a bad reputation, people around the world see Monday as an opportunity for a fresh start.

So, each Monday even your gym-averse partner is probably inclined to exercise. And that could be a golden opportunity to raise the subject, train together, or schedule a sweat session for later in the week.

Here are five suggestions to keep in mind:

Start slowly
Remember that even a short, easy gym session is better than kicking back on the couch. The idea is to get your partner moving – whether it’s a lot or a little should be determined by their appetite. Difficult, intimidating, or negative experiences could shatter their fragile motivation just when you want to entice them.

Try something new
How about a yoga class? Or spinning? You already know that your muscles become accustomed to doing the same workout over and over again. If you’re a CrossFit junkie, you might be surprised that a different kind of routine could benefit you too. Let your partner choose the activity that they’re most comfortable with.

Try something old
Ask your partner what activities they loved as a kid. If your partner waxes nostalgic for riding their bike around their neighborhood, swimming in the local pool, or playing soccer with friends, then look for similar options.

Make it social
Spark your partner’s interest in working out by making it a pleasurable event you do together, like indoor rock climbing or hiking. Skip zoning out to music on cardio machines and use this as a time to engage.

Be patient
Maybe you were a born athlete who excelled at sports and never skipped a chance to train. But more than likely, you stumbled around searching for the fitness regime you now love. Give your partner a chance to find his or her passion.

Maybe your partner comes to love being a gym rat. Or perhaps they’re content with a few, short sessions per week. Ultimately, you may be the support system that encourages them continue. But if you make your inspirational pitch on Monday, you might just find the middle ground you’re seeking.

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