Want to stretch your hamstrings further? Try deep lunges. Grab onto the stairs and point one knee towards the ground while securely grasping your ankle.  Gradually move your foot upward towards the buttocks until you feel the stretch in the quad.  Take several deep breaths and exhale until the quad relaxes.

Abdominal and Core Stretch

After series ab workouts, your core needs relief. This can prevent soreness and improve mobility.

How to:

Begin by laying faced down in a prone position with palms placed beside the chest. Exhale as you begin to push your upper body towards the ceiling.  As you reach your limit, hold the pose for a moment.  To add more challenge, point the toes and bend both knees until both feet approach the head.  As in all stretches, breathe out during exertion and sustain each stretch 5-10 seconds—or to your satisfaction.

If you have the benefit of a partner, have her grab both wrists for support.  Do not exert force on any stretch when working with a partner. Gently lift the sternum as far as the spine feels capable and comfortable.  Sustain, exhale and release slowly.

Back Stretch

This stretch is called a “cambre,” in ballet, and it’s used to gain greater range of motion in the spine.

How to:

Keep your back straight and don’t twist. Use your abs—the stretch should primarily be in your upper back, so remember to utilize your abs if you’re feeling a strain in your lower back.

Head & Neck           

Stretching out your neck can help improve posture and even prevent injuries.

How to:

Defining the direction of the chin makes the movement more detailed: tilt your head forward, toward the ceiling, and to the right and left. Exhale with each release.


Photographer: Lisa Banks BeCageFree Photography

Model: Keith Banks, Coach & Trainer

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