No equipment required for this bodyweight workout.

It’s the New Year, which means the gyms are insanely crowded. Add in the fact that it’s flu season, and we get why you might want to avoid your regular fitness routines.

The good news is that you can keep your resolution to get fit and toned without ever stepping into a gym. Even better, you don’t have to buy any special equipment. All you need is your body, some time and a bit of know how.

Fatima Leite Kusch, a fitness model and the head fitness coach for Blessed Bodies Fitness Inc. designed this quick and easy bodyweight workout that’s adaptable for any level of fitness.

“This type of routine is meant to be done in whatever reps fits your strength but the ultimate goal is to complete the total reps listed to finish and as fast as you can,” she says, adding, “Basically a short but intense workout to get your sweat on.” She recommends figuring out how many reps you can do in a set, then do as many sets as it takes to get to your goal number—alternating with another activity between sets.

Do these moves two to three times a week and you’ll see results, no gym membership required.

Alternating Standard Pushup with Tricep Pushup

Start in a traditional pushup position, and do a full rep. Then, bring your hands into a narrow position, and perform a tricep pushup by bending your elbows back towards your body, not out to the sides. Then return to your pushup position. Make sure to keep your core engaged through the entire movement. Beginners may want to start with their knees on the ground, while intermediate exercisers may want to use their feet. Advanced athletes can lift a leg for even more intensity. Try and do 50 total pushups—so 25 standard pushups and 25 tricep pushups.

Fatima_workout_pushups_web-2 Fit Nation Bodyweight Workout Fit Nation Bodyweight Workout


Reverse Lunge Into Knee Raise

Start by stepping back into a lunge with your right foot. As you lower your right knee towards the ground, your left knee should never go past 90 degrees. Push back up to finish out your lunge, and when you reach the top of the movement, bring your right leg out of the lunge and up to your abdomen. Engage your core as you do so. Hold for a second, then switch legs. Aim for 100 total lunges, broken into sets you can handle. Reps are counted 50 per side =  100 total.

Fit Nation Bodyweight Workout


High Plank with Double Side to Side Hop

Get into a high plank position, which means you’re on your palms, not your forearms. Hold your entire core tight—making sure your body is straight, no peaks or valleys! In an explosive movement, hop with your feet as far as you can to the right. Then hop back to center. Then hop to the left. Repeat. A rep is a trip to one side and back. Try and do 100 total reps, broken into sets you can handle.

Fit Nation Bodyweight Workout Fit Nation Bodyweight Workout Fit Nation Bodyweight Workout


Lateral Bounds

Start in a squat position, making sure your knees are not crossing over your toes. Shift your weight to your right foot, then push off that foot and jump as far as you can to the left, landing on your left foot. Then jump from your left foot as far as you can, landing on your right foot. Between jumps, try not to let your non-landing foot touch the ground. Each time you land on a foot, it’s a rep. Aim for 100 total reps, broken into sets you can handle.

Fit Nation Bodyweight Workout Fit Nation Bodyweight Workout Fit Nation Bodyweight Workout


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