Youthful skin is attainable at any age.

Diane Brzezinski, DO, and Paul Gardner, MD, are at the helm of cutting-edge technology that is not only restorative, but also preventative at TruGlo Medspa. To help clients maintain a healthy radiance and natural glow, they have created a comprehensive array of beauty services that start in the spa and continue into breakthrough surgical procedures that help their patients feel confident in their health and their outward appearance. Dr. Brzezinski and Dr. Gardner’s collaboration and comprehensive services are all in service of one goal: to revitalize and rejuvenate you back to your TruGlo.

As we age, our skin goes through many changes. As we endure those changes, as well as the natural elements, it’s important to take care of our skin—and our skin care regimes need to reflect the changes in age and exposure we experience throughout our lives. Mindy DiPietro, the spa director of TruGlo Medspa, charted out the best way to tailor your skin regime throughout the years so that you look fresh and incandescent regardless of your age.

It’s never too early to go for heavy-duty sunblock that sits on top of the skin as a reflective barrier. In the Florida sun, your number-one priority should be to preserve and moisturize, to keep the sun from burning and destroying the young foundation of your skin (the doctors suggest Obagi, a zinc oxide-rich product that allows for complete coverage and creates a true barrier on your skin).

In your teens and into your 20s, it’s all about being proactive and preventative. By controlling acne with cleansing and mineral-based makeup with SPF, you can reduce scarring, maintain younger skin, and promote effective cell turnover. By implementing laser hair removal and having pigmentation fixed with the Sciton Laser on active acne, you can invest in smaller treatments so that a major problem never develops. By adding a high-quality toner (toner pads are easy to throw in your gym bag), you can even rebalance your face pH to clear up acne and prevent aging. In your 20s, it’s important to use exfoliates, enjoy a deep cleansing facial quarterly, and take care of the skin you are in. By moisturizing and opting for a sunless-glow bronzer, you’ll be preserving and protecting the delicate skin of your face.

In your 30s, continue your twenty-something regime, but also consider adding eye creams and neck-firming moisturizers. Your 30s mean maintenance—you are taking care of what you have so that invasive procedures are never needed. Filling static lines with fillers and Botox will enable you to decrease the grooves developing in your skin. By adding Forever Young facials offered at TruGlo MedSpa, you send a laser pulse to the skin, stimulating cell turnover and collagen production, which reduces acne and reverses sun damage.

In your 40s, consider adding retinoids to help the texture of your skin and overall glow. Maintain your facials and cleansing so that scarring never begins. Laser hair removal can take care of stray hairs, while laser resurfacing can take care of any layers of sun damage that have been created by basking in the sun. Sunblock SPF layers increase because skin becomes thinner and more likely to burn and create damage. Skin care regimes need to travel down into the neck, décolletage, and even your hands, so you don’t age beyond your smile.

In your 50s and 60s, stay active. If you keep up with cleansing and exfoliating, your face will not betray your age. By moisturizing and adding profractional lasers, you eliminate deep lines and tighten skin. Halo Sciton lasers remove damaged skin and rejuvenate cell production for age-defying results. As the years roll by, your face won’t reflect the time passing if you take care of it from the beginning.

TruGlo is committed to fixing your past, preserving your present, and keeping you looking your best into your future. On the front lines of skin care regimes, they are able to offer a personalized support system that will keep you glowing through the decades.