Seven Active Southwest Florida Day Trips


Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary
What: An educational animal extravaganza show under the big top.
Location:  Sarasota, FL is less than a two hour drive from Naples.
Great for: Exotic animal lovers with a desire to interact and learn.
Why Go: Get ready for most exciting, interactive, educational animal adventure in the state of Florida.  The Big Cat Habitat is a safe place for all animals in need.  Lions, tigers, bears, primates, birds and tortoises have found a home here. The Big Cat Habitat has an educational curriculum as well for those that want a more in-depth and interactive experience.
Must See Attraction:  While traipsing along in Sarasota take a drive to Siesta Key beach – rated the top beach in the United States.
What to Bring:  There is nothing you have to bring, but if you want to help out the cause check out this link.
When:  The Big Cat Habitat is open Wednesday through Sunday from 12:30- 4pm.
Did You Know:  As odd as this may sound, one of the most charming vocalizations in nature is the sound of a cheetah chirping, rather than purring. While cheetah’s are considered “the fastest of the cats”, clocking speeds at 110mph, tigers get to claim title of “the biggest of the big cats”? Panthera Tigris really is king of the jungle, as this magnificent striped feline can reach 11 feet and tip the scales at 670 pounds