Seven Active Southwest Florida Day Trips


man windsurfing
Location:  Key West, FL – only three hours via the Key West Express.
Great for: Younger or older, athletic or not… as long as you have a sense of adventure you will have a blast.
Why Go: Even in the lightest of winds, windsurfing gets your heart rate pumping, tones your body and helps you become more limber. It’s good for the head too. You can empty your mind of all other worries and stresses while you’re out on the water and just enjoy the sensation of being afloat. It’s like a detox for your body and mind!
Must See Attraction: The Key West Aquarium is a lot of fun for all fish-inspired activities.
What to Bring:  Your “Fun in the Sun Necessity Kit” including a big floppy hat, sunscreen, and your bathing suit.
When: The Key West Express departs from Fort Myers daily at 8:30 a.m. Reserve your windsurfing lesson by calling Sunset Watersports at 305-296-2554.
Did You Know:  In 1948, twenty-year old Newman Darby first conceived of using a handheld sail and rig mounted on a universal joint, to control a small catamaran. Darby did not file a patent for his design; however, he is recognized as the inventor of the first sailboard.