Drew McMichael

Age: 17

School: Evangelical Christian School

Sport: Pole vault

“I started vaulting my freshman year. It was the first year our school had a pole vault pit. I went to practice for the first time and noticed that the vaulters didn’t do much running—so I was all over that. Pole vault is not something that comes easy. This sport requires speed, strength, body awareness, no fear, and mental strength. It took me two years to be an elite vaulter.”

“I have always been an all-season athlete. Played football, basketball, and track. I have always been a good athlete but never as good as I am at pole vault. As a sophomore, I jumped 15 feet at states and got second. Last year I won the state meet and went undefeated in my high school season. This year is my last year so I’m training year-round…my high school career goal is to break the Florida record, which is 16’8”, and to be the national champion.”

“I believe my religion and faith play a huge factor in my athletic achievements. My faith in Christ allows me to appreciate the gift that God has blessed me with.”

Santiago Corredor

Age: 16

School: Bishop Verot High School

Sport (s): Swimming and triathlons

“I started swimming when I was two months old, and I started on a team when I was five. Swimming was the first sport I tried because my mom was a swimmer and my dad does triathlons. After about a year of swimming [on a team] I got into triathlons. It was my parents’ idea at first but then I started to really like the sport.

“What makes me a good swimmer is the hard work and dedication I put into the pool everyday. I have always been a strong competitor because I always strive to get to the wall or to the finish before the guy in front of me. My greatest strength in the pool is the sprint at the end of the race.”

“My proudest moment in the pool was when I went from last to first in the 800-meter free at junior nationals in Irvine, California.”

John Carlin

Age: 16

School: Fort Myers High School

Sport: Tennis

“I love everything about tennis.  I enjoy competing against other players and playing in tournaments. My strengths in tennis include my strong desire to win and never giving up in a match no matter the score. I have won several matches this year where my opponent had several match points, but I continued to persevere until I won the match.”

“My serve has become a weapon in the last year.  Being 6’3” tall has helped me with my serve, and I am continuing to work on it to make it an even bigger weapon.”

“Tennis has taught me a lot of life lessons.  In tennis, you play the match without the benefit of a coach on the court.  This is much different than most sports.  I have learned to think for myself, be independent and never give up no matter the circumstances.  I have learned that it is important to be humble when I win a match and to be a good sport when I lose a match.”