Tomorrow, Box Battles begins at Lover’s Key State Park at 8 a.m. The two-day event will feature CrossFit athletes of all ability levels and ages, and is the first CrossFit event to be held in SWFL. Here’s what to watch for and who we look forward to seeing compete.

Lauren Brooks, owner of CrossFit Salvation explains, “This competition is different because of the setting. It’s not your traditional CrossFit competition.” There will be no weights and no pull-up bars, two items you’d typically see in an arena competition.

“We train for all situations,” Brooks explained. “We don’t train on the beach, we are used to barbells and pull-ups.” The sand may play a major factor in this weekend’s competition, as well as the water, with WODs featuring running on the sand along with standup paddle boarding.

One athlete Brooks is excited to watch is Bob Stouffer. Bob will be competing in the masters division and, at age 61, might be the oldest competitor. “I really think he is going to excel,” Brooks said. Stouffer originally began attending workouts at CrossFit Salvation with his son, who recently returned from Afghanistan.

Brooks also has a team from her box competing, which includes two female athletes that are brand new to competition. She’s also excited to watch the teams from other area boxes. “This competition is really exciting for a lot of us here because we have no local competitions. We’ve been hoping and praying that someone would come in the area for three years and strike up a match.”

Endurance will be a key factor in the weekend’s competition. Although CrossFit athletes do train for all situations, Brooks noted “It will be interesting to see some of the higher level athletes because this is a lot of endurance, a lot of running.”

You can catch the action this Saturday and Sunday at Lover’s Key State Park, 8am-4pm. Make sure you bring sunscreen and a chair, since the competition happens right on Lover’s Key Beach. For more details, visit