Losing weight may not be easy, but it’s not as hard as you may think.

The simplest ways to kick start your diet are to change your eating habits. Start today by counting calories, keeping a food journal, and making conscious decisions in regards to your fuel intake.

Fitsugar.com lists over fifty ways to lose weight, here are my top 7:

1. Create a food journal.

Simply purchase an app, and record what you eat. Keeping track of your eating habits will help you monitor your food intake. A food journal will keep track of the calories that you consume and hold you accountable for poor choices. “Why are my pants too tight? Oh it’s because I had 3 slices of pizza on Friday”

2. Water, water, water!

There are hundreds of studies about how much water we need to drink a day to stay hydrated. Water is also a huge weight loss tool. Did you know humans confuse being hungry with being thirsty? You may think that you are hungry, but maybe you just need some water. Water also helps with portion control. Drink a tall glass of water before meals to feel full and prevent over eating. Water can also curb cravings for sugary drinks and sweets. Always have water available.

3. Go to the gym, and get active!

Being active will help your body adjust to weight loss. Being active can be as simple as taking the stairs or going on a bike ride. Simple exercises will help burn the calories needed for weight loss. Plus being active can be tons of fun!

4. Possibly my favorite step to weight loss is sleep!

Getting enough of it is a huge deal breaker when it comes to reaching fitness goals. I know life is hectic, and sometimes we have trouble sleeping, but sleeping at least 7-8 hours a night will help you lose unwanted weight. Create a sleep schedule, turn off the TV, and close your eyes. It’s that easy. Habits become worse when tired, and did you know that sleepy people tend to eat more?

5. Throw out the scale… actually, avoid them!

Don’t focus on a number! Often we step on the scale every time we turn the corner, but we don’t need to, and if it’s costing us our sanity then stay off it. Your weight will not change overnight and will take time. Judge your weight loss by the fit of your clothes and your energy level. Not focusing on a number keeps us from feeling as if we have failed.

6. Cut food into smaller bites.

This encourages slower eating, and make sure you chew your food. Possibly the simplest step to weight loss are to cut your food into smaller bites, and set down your silverware in between. Give your body time to digest meals as you eat to prevent overeating.

7. Weight loss boils down to simple math.

“To lose one pound weekly, burn or cut out 3,500 calories in the course of 7 days.” Cutting out 500 calories a day is pretty simple if you think about it, for instance one bottle of Coke is 280 calories.

  • Each day cut out 250 calories
  • Each day burn 250 calories (One spin class can burn 350-1000 calories) a 1200 calorie a day is a great diet plan.