Founder and instructor of Naples’ own House of Flyte Aerial  Yoga Studio, Candice Kochenour shares the must-haves that keep her soaring high.

With an intimidating daily routine that would make the most active person feel lazy, it’s a wonder Candice Kochenour ISN’T Wonder Woman. She starts every day at 5:30 a.m., managing her own marketing and advertising business, then heads to House of Flyte Studio to teach aerial yoga classes and help her members get a gravity-defying workout.

Before finding her calling with aerial yoga, Kochenour struggled to find a routine that would keep her focused, “I always tried to take care of myself and try different workouts: power plate, pure barre, power yoga, but I felt challenged to stick to a focused routine.” She finally found her wings at the House of Flyte, which is licensed by Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity® Fitness.

As described on, Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity® Fitness is ‘a unique combination of exercises…intended to decompress one’s spine and align the body from head to toe while stretching and strengthening one’s muscles.’ Classes range from beginner to advanced, like Suspension Fitness or AIRBarre, and are held in an intimate setting, decked out with hammocks and led by experienced instructors who help students explore their adventurous side.

We caught up with Kochenour between classes to find out what go-to workout (and cool down) necessities are in her gym bag to keep her practice focused, her energy high, and her body finely tuned for whatever her next high-flying trick might be.

Spree-Candy- Aerial-Yoga-Fit-NationCHEWY SPREES and KIND BARS

“Snacks! My favorite? Chewy Sprees. You’ll find them on the counter at my studio to share the joy!  Then there’s the healthier variety: a few bites of a KIND bar before a good inversion.”





“Dry lips can be a total distraction, so always be armed with some lip gloss. This one has the added benefits of “minty fresh breath.”



“The cooling menthol roll-on is great for soothing sore muscles and feet after a workout.”


“You never know who you might meet on the go, so always carry a complimentary card to try a class.”



21ae3e786ddc0c04213ec02b0a4a0562WELL KEPT CLEANSING TOWELETTES

“Clean devices lead to clean skin, so these handy towelettes should be stashed in every bag, glovebox, and drawer you can find to keep things like your phone and sunglasses germ-free.”



STICKY BE SOCKSBE_AMAZING_LAVENDAR_8374_1200x1200web__65766.1441207089.1200.1200

“A good pair of yoga socks can be hard to find.  These have inspirational sayings and just enough grip to be the perfect pair.”




Swell-Aubergine-AlligatorS’WELL BOTTLE

“The S’well bottle is an obsession!  A girl can never have too many – one to go with every outfit!  Try mixing up bottled water with a little carbonated watermelon lime water for a refreshing treat.”





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