This law enforcement officer-turned-CrossFit Redline coach shares five of his workout essentials for keeping himself in top shape.

“I have every workout written down from the last four-and-a-half years. I love having it to go back through. It’s interesting to see what I was doing.”

SFH Protein/Creatine
“Protein goes everywhere with me. I believe in smart supplementation, and I use creatine with my post-workout protein.”

Do-Win Olympic lifting shoes
“I’ve used these for four years. They’re a great price, durable and fit well.”

Voodoo Floss Bands
“These are for wrapping and applying compression for sore or swollen joints. They speed up healing and increase blood flow.”

Lacrosse balls
“I use these for mobilizing joints. Roll and press into sore parts to loosen them up.”