18-time Ironman and USA Triathlon coach, Angie Ferguson, shares five fave workout essentials you won’t catch her without.

1. Goggles and cap

“I have my TYR cap and goggles on me everywhere I go so I’m always ready for a swim.”

2. Running shoes

“My Nuton running shoes feel great and provide a lot of support. Not to mention, they’re extremely durable.”

3. Garmin 910 XT Watch

“My Garmin watch does everything I need it to do and more. It records distance, pace, elevation and heart rate for any sport I’m performing—even swimming. After a workout, I can plug it into my computer,  analyze the data and track my progress.”

4. iPod

“During a workout I love to listen to anything by PINK, Big & Rich, classic rock and ’80s music. I’m very eclectic.”

5.  Change of clothes

“I carry a complete set of workout attire for every sport, along with its complementary gear, at all times. TYR is my go-to brand for swim gear. I love De Soto Tri Gear shorts for biking and running.”