Founder of Time Trial Cycle and avid cyclist Charla Goodnight shares the training must-haves that keep her mind and body in peak condition, 24/7.

As founder and owner of Time Trial Cycle in Naples, Southwest Florida’s only indoor cycling studio, Charla Goodnight is passionate about nurturing community and “sharing the gift of health and fitness, regardless of age, limitations, or athletic experience.” Her world-class studio caters to all levels, from advanced cyclists to newbies who have never strapped in.

Goodnight started her own personal fitness journey at the tender age of 15, and has maintained a lifelong dedication to sharing with others the physical and mental benefits of cycling. A supportive, welcoming environment is key, and her studio is proof — the stadium seating, heart-thumping jams, in-class performance tracking and stats, and top-of-the-line Star Trac Blade ION bikes all make for an unbeatable ride.

We wanted to hear Goodnight’s unique spin on training gear, so she shared with us the essentials  that helps her go the distance, whether she’s grinding out studio workouts, tough hills, or simply cross-training on the mat.

TRX Trainer with Wall Hanger and TRX Rip

TRX elastic trainers offer a portable, low-impact way to work on resistance training whether you’re at home, on the road, or at the studio. “I always have a trainer and door hanger. I’d be screwed if I didn’t!”

 Orange Yoga Mat

Cross-training is important for improving cyclists’ strength and endurance. Goodnight’s go-to? Pilates. Her über-practical yoga mat allows for a variety of stretches and exercises, anywhere, anytime. “I use it  for Pilates and also for core work.”

Body Language Sportswear and Onzie Apparel

Uniquely bold, colorful fashion meets utility and comfort in Goodnight’s favorite two sports clothing brands. “I love the design and fit. They just feel so good on.”

Aura Cacia Essential Oils

Certain compounds in oils can produce curative effects on the body, and their aromatic properties can soothe the mind, which is exactly what Goodnight needs after a long ride or day in the studio. “I don’t believe training is just physical. It’s about the mind and the senses, too.”

72 Names of God App

For Goodnight, conditioning the mind and soul is just as important as conditioning the body. Pulling from Kabbalah, the “72 Names of God app gives the user a meditation from a “deck” of 72 cards, each with its own theme and illustration. “Before I work out, or if I’m struggling, I have to ask myself ‘OK, I need to figure out what to do here.’ Sometimes I just can’t get out of my head, so I need that inspiration.”

Essentia Water and GoMacro Macrobars

Proper nutrition is a must for any athlete, especially those hoping to recover quickly and experience minimal soreness. “I always, always, always have something to eat and drink in my bag. Recovery meals are the most important. I also have a pre-made oatmeal-protein blend of my own creation.”

Beats by Dre

Endurance work can get monotonous, so Goodnight likes to keep herself in the zone with a little help from Nelly, Eminem, and Dr. Dre. “I work out to any form of hip-hop,” she laughs, “[Especially] something that has a lot of bad words in it!”

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