Wearable technology provides a useful boost for fitness fanatics.

As fitness has evolved from running with friends to racing against virtual companions via smartphone app, fitness gear has also progressed to fulfill consumers’ cravings for new technology. While there is no shortage of fashionable fitness duds on the market, only a select few can boost athletic performance and the enjoyment of a workout at the same time. Get in on the trend and reap the benefits with our favorite picks.

Saucony AMP PRO2 Compression Shorts ($65)

Made with innovative Celliant fabric, these shorts increase blood flow and oxygen levels, speeding recovery and warding off muscle stiffness after a tough workout.

Nike Fuelband ($149)

Trade your pedometer in for a more modern way to count steps. The band’s smartphone app monitors activity and calories burned, and even allows users to compete against friends to see who is moving the most.

Electric Foxy Move Tank Top (still in development)

No need for a trainer with this high-tech tank. It monitors muscle positions and movement, telling users when they make alignment errors via short vibrations. It also sends feedback to the wearer’s smartphone to improve future sweat sessions.

Mission Athletecare’s Enduracool Cooling Towel ($20)

This moisture-activated cooling towel stays 30 degrees cooler then the surrounding air, allowing users to stay active by keeping them cool and dry.

Lululemon Silverescent Tanks ($48-54)

Gone are the days when stinky sweat is synonymous with a good workout. Silverescent is not only sweat-wicking but also anti-smell and anti-bacterial, keeping wearers both dry and odor-free.

By: Dana Leigh Smith