Our go-to list for the best get fit gadgets

Torch-T1-HelmetThe Torch T1 Bike Helmet – $140

The Torch T1 bike helmet has 10 integrated LED lights on both the front and the back of the helmet, making it ideal for nighttime neighborhood cruising. You’ll still need a bike light—which is required by Florida law—but this helmet with give you added visibility, and what cyclist doesn’t want that? It comes with a rechargeable battery and the lights are covered by shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, so it’s safe to use in the rain.

stay safe gps tracker

StaySafe Personal GPS Tracker – $6.99

Long gone are the days calling or even texting a loved one to let them know you have arrived home in one piece. The StaySafe iPhone and Android-compatible app will automatically notify a selected emergency contact if you do not check in to your final destination. An email or text will be sent to the contact with your exact GPS coordinates, making it easy to locate your whereabouts. This app even functions if your phone is off or runs out of battery power. (Just make sure that if you and your emergency contact call it quits you take him or her off the app!)


Garmin Vector Pedals – $1699

In the old days, children, if we wanted to measure power as we rode our bikes, we had to do it with either a special hub on our wheel or with a tap built into our crankset. That meant you basically had to buy an expensive power-meter for each bike you owned—and most of us own at least a few. This year, however, Garmin released the first pedal-based power-meter.

Metrics are captured throughout the entire pedal stroke measuring both overall power and balance between right and left legs. Pedals are compatible with Look Koe-style cleats and you can access all of your data through Garmin Connect, although that means you’ll need a Garmin-compatible GPS device for recording data.

grey shine 1

Misfit Shine – $99.99

By far the world’s sleekest activity tracker, the Misfit Shine measures your activity all day long—at work, at the gym or even while you’re swimming. To see how close you are to hitting your movement goals for the day, simply tap the face of the device—which will light up and show you exactly how far you still have to go. It comes in a whole host of trendy colors—from sea glass to wine and coral—and there are even accessories to turn the device into a fashion-forward pendant or a bold tie clip.


Adidas CLIMACHILL Tee – $45.00

When you’re hot and working out, any little bit of relief helps. Now, your shirt can help you cool down using little metallic orbs. Just released this summer, CLIMACHILL is a fabric woven with titanium and flecked with aluminum dots. Adidas says the metal bits conduct heat away from the body and provide an instant cooling effect. Adidas has released a whole line of CLIMACHILL products, including shorts, tops and shoes for both men and women.

green hydra

Hydrapak Stash Bottle – $17.99

Collapsible water bottles seem like a great idea until you spill an entire 32- ounce bottle on your laptop because the bottom is, well, collapsible. The Hydrapak is a genius little hack on that problem. The top and bottom are made of hard plastic that snaps together when empty and provides structure when it’s full. And at the price point, it’s worth having an extra one in the car or your gym bag for when you forget your water bottle—again.