Reynolds Cycling offers super aerodynamic carbon fiber bicycle wheels for every day and race day use. Available in four depths: 46mm, 58mm, 72mm and 90mm.

EVERYONE can benefit from a more aerodynamic wheel; even runners who are traveling at far slower speeds than cyclists use aerodynamics on the track. Your choice in depth will be based on your discipline: climbing would require a shallower depth for reduced weight, while flat course triathletes will enjoy the 90mm depth on the Aero 90. Although heavier, the Aero 90s are the most aerodynamic in this family of wheels.

NOW NOW NOW!!! The Aero family was brand new in 2013, and they remain unchanged for the 2014 model year.

These wheels are designed by Paul Lew. He was the first to use unidirectional carbon fiber in bicycle wheels and is also a triathlete. In addition to that, he designs unmanned aircraft for the United States Department of Defense. They also use tried-and-true DT Swiss 240 hub internals that most bicycle shops can handle without special tools and/or parts.

Overall Review:
The Aero family of wheels is brand new, legitimate bicycle wheel technology. With low aerodynamic lift numbers per this design, you’re more stable in crosswinds than competitors while still achieving amazing efficiency that will make you faster than your current wheels.

5 out of 5 spokes from me.

By: Peter Marsh
Marsh is a partner and full-time manager of Naples Cyclery. An avid cyclist and an active member of the local cycling community, Peter leads the Naples Cyclery group rides, which are held throughout the week at the shop.

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