When it comes to active wear, you’re either in the “Oh, who cares what you look like, you’re just going to the gym,” camp, or you’re somebody who loves to look good en route to exercise. We’re not opposed to either philosophy,  but if you’re like us, there are some days when you’re running around in workout gear for hours before you actually hit the gym (we’re busy people, ok?), so it can be nice to know your fitness styles look ready for the street, as well as the Pilates studio. Bonus: if you feel good about your workout wardrobe, that’s just one less distraction from your goals.

So to help keep you looking fresh—even as you’re poised to break a sweat—we caught up with fabulous fashion stylist Laura Pritchard, who has worked with everyone from Refinery 29 to Bloomingdale’s to discuss wardrobe trends in active wear. Among her other areas of expertise, Laura has an interest in fitness styles and recently did several shoots with Cosmo Body.

“The color of 2015 is marsala and we’ve seen it everywhere,” Laura tells us, referring to the earthy, warm tone that recently became the Pantone Color of the Year. Naturally, she’s right—we’ve seen this ultra-trendy shade popping up everywhere from Sephora (it’s probably the best part of ‘90’s-lip-color revival) to men’s wear, as well as in fitness styles. Relatedly, Laura has seen a lot of jewel tones trending. “Cobalt blues, royal purples, burgundys, and similar deep tones have also been staples in active wear this year,” she says.

“Both lengths and rises of pants have been getting shorter and smaller by the year,” Laura says, so if you’ve been hoping that ultra-short, low-rise fitness style was going away, we’re offering our condolences. And despite Montana Republican state Rep. David Moore’s hilarious attempt to legally ban yoga pants, wearing your cardio clothes out for lunch or drinks is only becoming more popular—and brands are catering to the trend. “Many brands are heading in a sexy streetwear direction, making it easier to wear your gym clothes out,” Laura says.

Other fitness styles of which poor Rep. Moore would disapprove? “A huge trend that hasn’t lost any steam yet is the crop top,” Laura tells us. “An ode to the ‘90’s, bras, tanks, sweatshirts, and even jackets are getting chopped at the waist again.” But skin-baring costumes to sweat in aren’t limited to just crops.  “Another huge fitness style trend that we’ve seen dominate is the mesh panel insert. These and cutouts have become prevalent in both tops and leggings—workout clothing is getting sexier and sexier.”

But not all trends are created equal. When we asked Laura which styles to avoid, she didn’t hold back. “A trend I just can’t get on board with is the dropped crotch pant trend—I have a hard time finding anyone who can pull of this saggy look,” she says. Given that Laura typically works with people who are professionally fit and good looking, like superfoxes Adam Rosante and Jennifer Johnson, we’re going to go ahead and suggest that you may not be able to pull off anything better than either of these two.

So onto the best part: specific fitness style tips from the expert. “I’m a huge fan of the Australian brand Lorna Jane, NYC’s Alala and of course Michi, who remains a leader in edgy, forward thinking activewear,” Laura says. “I also think that Stella McCartney continues to make quality product that is approachable to while still simply being cool.”