What makes The Local so unique is easily summed up in one word: FRESH! One of Naples hottest new restaurants, The Local features locally grown organic produce as well as dairy and proteins from local farmers and fisherman. Using local farmers and fisherman not only gives back to the community but means amazing flavors for every dish and provides for an ever-changing menu.  Registered and licensed dietitian Karyn Capozzo of Appleaday Lifestyle Counseling in Bonita Springs recently visited The Local and chose a few menu options to review for FN Magazine.

Kale Caesar with Lo-Cal Caesar Dressing


Usually we steer away from Caesar salads as the dressing is loaded with calories and fat, but the Kale Caesar with Lo-Cal Caesar Dressing features a house made low-cal version of a traditional Caesar dressing. The benefit, beyond lower calories, is that this salad is made with the super green, kale, and not the traditional romaine. Kale is not only low in calories, but it is loaded with fiber – 5 grams of fiber per cup! Packed with iron and high in Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and calcium, kale is a great vegetable choice for healthier bones and cardiovascular support.

Snapper Ceviche with Citrus, Serrano Peppers, Avocado, Red Onion and Cilantro


The Gulf Coast means great seafood selections and one that caught my eye was the Snapper Ceviche with Citrus, Serrano Peppers, Avocado, Red Onion and Cilantro. The health benefits of this dish go deep. An abundant fish in the waters of Southwest Florida, snapper is light and therefore a perfect protein choice. Serrano peppers and other hot peppers like jalapenos are great for adding flavor but they also add Vitamin C and Vitamin A which is great for eyesight. Even though eating hot peppers won’t cause you to lose weight, these spicy peppers may give your metabolism a slight boost over time.

Roasted Pork Ragu with House-Made Potato Gnocchi, Ricotta and Rosemary


Dieters may want to skip this dish because of the potato gnocchi, but athletes know the importance of carbohydrate for peak performance. The potato gnocchi are low in calories and fat but are a great source of carbohydrate. Some meats are loaded with fat and saturated fat, but not this pork dish. The pork here is a lean cut giving you protein with very little fat and saturated fat. Pork is a good source of B-Vitamins which are the vitamins needed to convert carbohydrates to energy. Pork also is a good source of selenium, phosphorus and zinc which are important for bone health and immune function.