5 Mouthwatering Egg White Oatmeal Recipes

Boost your breakfast game with these simple, healthy egg white oatmeal recipes.

If you follow any self proclaimed “healthy foodies” on Instagram or Facebook, you are bound to see tons of photos of egg white oatmeal. While combining egg whites with oats may sound a bit unusual, it’s actually a great way to boost the satiety of your breakfast. No time to cook in the morning? Whip up a batch of oats over the weekend and quadruple the recipe. (If you’re into the idea, check out our 7 Delicious Egg White Oatmeal Pancake Recipes).

Reheat this protein-packed oatmeal in the microwave and you’ll have “instant” oats all week long. Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite picks from around the web. These creamy bowls of goodness will make your mouth water without expanding your waistline.

Apple Pie Egg White Oatmeal via TheSlenderStudent.com
Healthy apple pie? It can’t be true… can it?! With a mere 179 calories per serving and 10 grams of protein, this recipe is a great way to battle cravings for sweet treats. Need an other reason to chow down? Fiber-rich apples help control weight and lower cholesterol levels.
aple pie eggwhite oatmeal

Chocolate Oatmeal with Egg Whites via SkinnyMs.com
Rich in omega-3’s and fiber, the chia seeds in this recipe are a heart-healthy addition, while the pumpkin puree gives the dish a unique flavor.
Chocolate-Oatmeal-with-Egg-Whites (1)
Cinnamon Egg White Oats via NutButterRunner.com
Coming in at just 200 calories, this easy to make recipe is a healthy and satisfying way to kick off the day. Add in some fruit or nut butter for an extra kick of flavor
Cinnamon Egg White Oats (1)
Coconut Berry Egg White Oats via HappyHealthyGigi Tumbler
Berries, rich a disease-fighting antioxidants, add a naturally sweet flavor to this dish.
coconut berry (1)
Banana Almond Egg White Oatmeal via TheSlenderStudent.com
Although this recipe could make for a delicious breakfast, it’s also an excellent post-workout meal. The whey protein powder, egg whites and potassium-packed banana, offer a winning combination of nutrients the body needs to recover after a tough workout.
banana oats (1)
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