Delicious Raw Juice Bar seems to have found the perfect blend of optimal nutrients and yummy flavors, offering customers a relaxing yet chic destination for handcrafted raw juices, smoothies, shots, and bowls — all made to order.

Founded in 2013, Delicious Raw Juice Bar offers healthful menu items tailored for “anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing and quality of life through targeted nutritional boosts during the day.”

According to co-owner Flemming Madsen, the unique “visible bar” concept allows customers to see for themselves that the drinks are unpasteurized, additive-free, preservative-free, and created using sophisticated commercial centrifugal and cold-press equipment.

Quality always takes precedence when it comes to the ingredients on Delicious Raw Juice Bar’s menu, which its owners base on seasonal availability, cleanliness, sustainability, and local sourcing. Their fresh produce includes roots, leafy greens, and berries, all of which are certified organic. However, as Madsen explains, “We don’t blindly source by the mass market ‘organic’ labeling, which can be misleading and open to questionable definitions and practices. Our passion is healthy, flavorful juices, [and] we prefer working with local, sustainable farmers we know.”

This commitment to quality ensures items are nutrient-dense, helping to strengthen the immune system, facilitate weight management, detoxify cells and organs, and support digestion—not to mention the menu’s creativity, which boasts interesting ingredient combinations you won’t find anywhere else. Take, for example, the C-Boost (carrot, pineapple, grapefruit, and camu camu), Veggie-Maxx (avocado, tomato, carrot, peppers, parsley, cucumber, romaine, garlic, cayenne), or Pink Pleasure (beet, pineapple, strawberry, apple, ginger, orange) juices. Their refreshing smoothies are just as diverse—choose from unique blends like the Rise & Shine (banana, oats, flaxseed, yogurt, dates, orange, almond milk), Green Machine (avocado, kale, spinach, yogurt, coconut manna, coconut water, dates, lime), Super Stamina (mango, pineapple, banana, l.o.v.e protein, coconut water), and many more.

With maximum nutrition and addictive flavors, Delicious Raw Juice Bar is sure to turn you into a regular—after all, they put “delicious” in their name for a reason.

Delicious Raw Juice Bar Naples’ locations include:

• 821 5th Avenue South (downtown Naples)

• 2338 Pine Ridge Road

• Pavilion Shopping Center (corner of US-41 and Vanderbilt Beach Rd) – opening mid-September

For more information, visit

Delicious Raw Juice Bar makes centrifugal juices to order and cold-pressed bottled juices for grab-and-go, as well as made-to-order packages. In addition to their juice, shot, and smoothie menu, they also make:  Açaí bowls  Raw oatmeal bowls  Chia bowls  Yogurt bowls  Almond butters  Almond milks  Granola bars