In the fall of 2013, a BV Yoga student was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her family, realizing that they were blessed to have the resources necessary for her fight, became passionate about helping others in Naples that weren’t so fortunate.  And so JaneCAN, a fundraising event for the Cancer Alliance of Naples (, was born.  BV Yoga had a benefit class and a silent auction, and the response from the community was incredible and heartwarming.  BV Yoga ended up raising almost $35,000 and awareness for the Alliance and their important work.

Since that event, the idea has resonated, within both her family and BV family, that the larger Naples yoga community is also touched by this disease, and might welcome the chance to support this outstanding organization.  And so, on March 29th at 11:00am, BV Yoga will be hosting YogaCAN at the Naples Beach Hotel, with proceeds benefitting the Cancer Alliance of Naples. The BV Yoga hope is for this to be a day where the local yoga community can come together for the greater good!