Positive Social Fitness Pressure is a new phenomenon that combines both the mind and body benefits of cycling and a collaborative workout environment. Each individual in the group benefits from the presence and the work of the others involved, creating a powerful motivational network that helps people stay committed and work harder together. Members of these classes enjoy great success due to this type of social connection.

But while team-based workouts can be great for the spirit, one tremendous flaw in conventional group fitness is the inability to track personal progress and observe results. Sure, the group dynamic can get you working and keep you working out. But in a typical group workout, you can never know how far you have come over the long arc of your fitness training. Are you actually improving from where you were six months ago? Have you gained speed, strength, or facility? Personal goals can be hard to measure in group classes.

But that dynamic has changed. Time Trial Cycle empowers you to track your fitness progress without losing the social benefits of a group setting. This program, called Performance IQ (PIQ) allows participants to see their performance in real time and track their progress from session to session. PIQ tracks power (movement of force in pedal stroke), RPMs (speed of the pedal stroke), and energy (measured in joules, this tracks how fast the cyclist is moving against the force they’ve calibrated on their bikes). Cyclists are pushed to do better as they can see their PIQ rankings right up on the studio screen.

Because the ranking remains visible the entire hour, cyclists are consistently motivated throughout their workout. They become accountable to themselves—and to the group—for their performance in class. The PIQ energizes those who have struggled in the past with sustaining momentum throughout a workout, and encourages them to work harder. It is a fantastic tool for those who want to push themselves, but who know themselves well, and find that they sometimes lose motivation midstream and tend fade into the back of the group. With this technology, no rider gets left behind.

Performance IQ can send participants an email with all their stats from class, enabling cyclists to track their performance from class to class to see how they are improving. Not only does this system help participants achieve their fitness goals such as weight loss, it is also great training for any athlete who may be competing in a fitness competition, who wants to become a stronger cyclist, or who needs a low-impact cross training activity that will improve overall athletic performance and stamina.

Positive Social Fitness Pressure with PIQ technology works. It’s an effective, two-pronged tool that motivates you to stay on course for your entire workout and beyond. Added bonus: you can check it out and see if the system works for you risk-free—the first class is complimentary. Stop by the Time Trial Naples at 3080 Tamiami Trail N. to find out how motivating this experience can be for you. Check out the complete schedule to find the right class for you. Discover how energizing a workout is with the power of Positive Social Fitness Pressure fueling every pedal stroke.